Bevog microbrewery is the fruit of inquisitiveness and aspiration towards discovering new beer-drinking experiences; it is the result of enthusiasm, love and zeal. We brew beers with character and soul. Our goal is to transcend the limits of the known and ordinary.

We have had enough of a monotonous beer offer and the belittling of beer. Beer can be and is much more than that.Bevog brewery is dedicated primarily to beers of top fermentation, more commonly known as ales. The ales we brew basically originate from England. In the last few decades this highly diverse type of beer has been given greater breadth, a wider range of flavours, has been shifting the boundaries of individual styles and becoming more and more popular around the world. It is gaining popularity not only with beer lovers and beer drinkers, but in general with gourmets, top chefs and people who are always willing to explore new flavours and experiences and who care about what they ingest.

Despite the English roots of ales, we here at Bevog are very creative and do not stick to the established norms. We design our beers in our own way, the way we know is right. We choose a beer style, take it apart, add a broad spectrum of gained knowledge, ideas and views, put it back together and polish it into our own beer, which is not rigidly cemented in the prescribed frames of an individual style. When creating recipes, we strive towards perfection and above all refuse all compromise, which is otherwise sadly in abundance in modern mass production.

All of the above has been confirmed by the received awards and prizes, and above all by the many super pleased drinkers of our beer.

Vasja Golar




alc. 5,5 %

35 IBU

Pale ale basically originates from England, but we have brewed it in our own way. It was designed with the idea of a very tasty, aromatic and balanced beer. The base of the beer is formed by a relatively simple combination of the basic and caramelised malts. This base was then overlaid with 4 types of hops that give it a fresh, fruity aroma and a superbly refreshing taste, which together with the malt base creates highly balanced and dangerously drinkable ale.



alc 6,3%

43 IBU

Ond shows our love for smoked and dark beers. Strength-wise, it belongs to robust porters, which means it has a slightly higher alcohol level and a medium body. The smoked character is incorporated into the entire beer and does not obscure the combination of roasted malts that give it a chocolaty and caramely character. To top it all off, we have added a carefully selected combination of Slovene and American hops that together, in the form of a slightly herbal woody note, conclude the complexity of Ond.



alc. 6.5 %

70 IBU

Kramah, shows off its hops muscles. We used an insane dose of highly fruity, aromatic hops, which gives the beer a strong aroma of mango, lychee, citruses and a bunch of other tropical fruits. The taste continues along this manner, then the elder components reveal themselves and continue into a bitterness that reminds one of biting into a fresh, juicy grapefruit. A very simple, yet effective combination of malts provides enough support so the bitterness does not rip out your tongue.



alc 5.8%

29 IBU

When creating the recipe for this beer, we bore in mind what one associates with oatmeal. Hence the base was laden with a bunch of oat flakes, roasted malts and roasted barley. The end result reflects this - intensive flavours, a coffee and dark chocolate aroma and a creamy texture. So we would not smother this, we added only as much hops as was needed to delicately balance the flavour.



alc. 4.8 %

27 IBU

Bevog Deetz is a pure refresher. Its aroma of grapes, citrus, lime, passion fruit, fresh straw and light bready notes will make your nose and taste buds dance. It is extremely drinkable, playful and never boring. Whatever the weather, place or occasion it surely fits and on a warm sunny day it will show you why it was made in the first place.



alc. 7.4 %

67 IBU

The oxymoron of the style name could not fit better to Rudeen's taste. His deep mahogany black colour is not only for the looks but also hides a generous amount of chocolaty caramel roastiness. Hops gives it a huge fruity and resiny aroma and taste. It is creamy, refreshing and bitter at the same time. We advise you to close your eyes, smell and then taste this bold beer which marries stout, porter and a big IPA. A perfect balance between hops, mellow roastiness from the malt, creaminess and drinkability is something that we are especially proud of.
Be careful ! He bites!



alc. 12,3 %


This barley wine is a blend of multiple batches of beer, which were aged in different spirits oak barrels. Its complex aroma of oak, dark and sweet caramel, vanilla, coconut, cacao, roast, dark fruits and berries is a product of a complex brewing combined with the long maturation time and in the end of time spent in oak barrels. It will cellar very good, but do not go into decades of ageing..It is a sipper and perfect to share on a special occasion.



Tour de Brewery

Do you want to experience our passion for beer brewing?

We offer you a organised tour of the brewery where after the 45 minute tour you will get some free samples of whatever beers we have on tap in our taproom.
The tour is only possible with minimal 6 persons and upon previous reservation.
For reservation and more information please contact us on or call us on +43 (0) 3476 41543


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